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Peace Talks Radio

If you missed the KUNM airing of the Feb 24, 2017 Peace Talks Radio program with Will Keepin (first half) and Paul R (second half) it has now been permanently archived and can be heard anytime at

Choose there to listen to the 30 minute or the 60 minute version which is broadcast by most of the 50 radio stations across the United States that air Peace Talks Radio. There is also a partial transcript on that page. If you wish to listen to the complete interview with Paul R (about 40 minutes) click on the photo of Paul. The interviewer is Suzanne Kryder and some of the material presented here has not been covered elsewhere.


Unicopia Green Radio

On June 30, 2012, Faren Dancer, Executive Director & Founder of Unicopia Alliance, interviewed Paul R. This 42 minute program focused on the artwork of Paul R and the Paul R Peace Prize. It is now available as an archived podcast at the following link:

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear you talking with Faren Dancer today, and I was pleased to hear at the end that he wants to invite you back in the future for another interview. It is delightful to hear radio programming like this – enjoyable and illuminating – and I hope the interview reaches a wide audience.

William Brown – recipient of the 2012 Paul Bartlett R Peace Prize; mentor and presenter for the Climate Reality Project


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